Thursday, April 21, 2011

Franklin Richard McCune

This is Franklin Richard McCune. He was born on October 6, 1923 in New Castle, Pennsylvania to William Gray McCune and Emma May Biddle. William Gray McCune was born on May 3, 1891 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to William James McCune and Elizabeth Patton. His family's origin was County Armagh, Ireland in 1859. He and Emma May Biddle were married on February 21, 1917. Emma May Biddle was born on February 17, 1895 in Edinburg, Pennsylvania to Silas Cassidy Biddle and Margaret Zurich Cooper. Emma and William had five children together; Eleanor Grace, William Cassidy, Robert Leroy, Elizabeth Margaret, and Franklin Richard (our subject). Of these five, the three boys had gone to fight in World War II. On May 17, 1943, Franklin would have soon gotten word that his brother, Robert, had died in testing a plane in the states. With this Emma would become a Gold Star Mother for the death of her son. After the funeral, Franklin and William had gone back to serve in the military. It was no more than seven months later that Franklin would breathe his last breath. On December 14, 1943, Franklin Richard McCune died while practicing on a base in the states. Emma would then become a double Gold Star Mother with both deaths of her sons. It was such a struggle that the family had gone through. The two brothers both gave their life and devotion to their country and will never be forgotten.
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